A dynamic travel duo that photograph, video, model, write, promote, advise and influence.  

Mike's a passionate and talented lifestyle and wildlife photographer who has been featured in Africa Geographic and Getaway Magazine numerous times. Caroline is a lifestyle and travel influencer, content creator, social media manager and entrepreneur. 

Determined to live life breathlessly and do what we love.

Travel & Lifestyle Influencer and content creator | social media management | Travel Photography | Product photography 

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Harnessing an immense passion for interior design and fashion, and combining this sentiment with our love for travel to luxury lodges and hotels within Africa, and our extensive experience in this arena, and merging with it our collective experience in lifestyle photography, videography, wildlife photography, content creation and story telling, we are able to facilitate your brand to create an engaging brand experience, boost consumer awareness, and generate brand-faithful customers.

A brand experience is all about designing and formulating a sensory user experience that can bring a user into a meaningful and lasting relationship with a brand.


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Our unique value add


Professional Wildlife Photography

Lodge & Lifestyle Photography


Lodge Social Media Management



I relish in writing captivating stories and reviews about the beautiful places we visit and the experiences we encounters.

Couple or Family Travel Features

We offer couples only content and family content depending on your requirements



We create short, emotive videos that best highlight your lodge or hotel


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