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One can capture the beauty of this impressive lodge, and it’s well designed and uber comfortable suites, and even the warm, friendly smiles of the staff in a photograph, but you can never capture the vibrant aromas of nature and the vast array of sounds articulated by the birds and creatures that occupy this oasis. Nothing beats that feeling of going on safari, there’s just something so raw and beautiful about being in the wild, especially when you are experiencing a beautiful lodge that is both modern and spectacular but yet so unintrusive.

To be surrounded by this level of luxury, the superb quality of cuisine, and the impeccable level of service, in such a remote destination, whilst the staff make it all look so effortless, still fascinates me after all those trips.

If you haven’t visited Welgevonden game reserve yet, you need to start planning to go. There is so much to enjoy and discover in this wondrous reserve. Boasting the big 5, more than 65 mammal species and over 300 different birds, vast picturesque scenery and a wide variety of incredible lodges to choose from, which are so well tucked away that you wouldn’t even know they are there.

When first arriving at Fifty Seven Waterberg you are immediately struck by the beautifully designed interior spaces, the carefully planned layout of the main lodge with views that lead your eye to a waterhole that entices all sorts of creatures to enjoy a drink of water or mud bath.

While having breakfast I can’t help but scan the rocky outcrops for the skittish leopards that I know are there somewhere.

I made it my mission to find one, and I did! On the last morning after our coffee stop in the bush I glanced up and spotted a leopard relaxing in a tree for a brief moment before it hurried off. Sightings like this are even more special when they are not too common and makes it worth the chase.

The luxury suites are truly something to marvel at, kitted out with all the luxuries you could possibly need, your very own splash pool and deck area, a shower and bath that open up completely to nature, but with the greatest level of privacy too. I loved how there was ample space to put your suitcases and clothes, it’s the small things that get me, and the little make up nook for her, and the desk for him where Mike could do all his editing from. You really do feel like you could easily live in the space forever.

The staff are friendly and go out of their way to make sure they make your stay a pleasant and memorable one, and as with most of these luxury lodges they over feed you so you will never go hungry. The delectable meals are well planned out and executed, and each meal is a delightful blend of flavours that tantalise your taste buds.

They say ‘go where you feel most alive’ and for me that place is in nature! Wind blowing through my hair on a game drive, the thrill of what’s around the next corner, and the absolute raw connection I feel when sitting silently and just observing. Those are the moments that truly take your breath away.

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