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Adding a little shade

Does the hat fabric matter?

Will it cover the head, nose, ears, face and neck?

What’s the difference between a brimmed hat and a bucket hat?

What designs will be the most comfortable?

And then of course the big question, how to create a hat that kids will want to wear and not take off after 5 minutes.

These are all questions that May, owner of Moosel Hats, had to ask herself when first thinking about this covid start up business.

When her consulting business, which she has successfully run for years, was suddenly forced into a dead halt at the start of lockdown, as many of us experienced, she decided to use her available time to create something that was important to her on a personal level. May has two gorgeous, fair skinned, boys, who love the outdoors, as most kids do, and as it’s always a concern for moms to find the best way to protect our little ones, May decided to work on a solution.

At first jumping right in and buying a hundred face shield bucket hats for kids to be protected throughout covid, and selling out quickly. She then decided to work closely with the local manufacturer to design a few more styles to market. This in turn has also contributed towards helping the manufacturer keep their staff working and employed.

Moosel Hats are locally designed and manufactured and it’s very important to May that they are also sustainably produced.

A shocking 15% of textiles intended for fashion garment production ends up on the cutting room floor, with most of this ending up on a landfill heap. Smart sustainable brands are cottoning on to the potential of fabric scraps and taking the eco-friendly route of upcycling and they’re doing some pretty amazing things with it.

May has since launched a whole range of kids hats in all shapes and sizes, that are vibrant and fun, and the kids love them. And then of course, my personal favorite, the women’s limited edition fedora sun hats that boast gorgeous handmade accessories to add some extra charm. They’re chic and classy to keep you looking gorgeous, and wide brimmed enough to keep you protected.

She also works with a great team of entrepreneurial females and mommies to add in additions to the ranges such as their Leosun sunglasses, and giving their customers the best shopping experience.

May mentions that she has had so much support from other dynamic female entrepreneurs within her circle.

Most women are truly so supportive of each other these days, more than ever, and it’s just incredible to see how many female owned businesses are popping up around us.

Could it be because we have such high expectations of ourselves in terms of work ethic and proficiency, that it causes us to appreciate that same drive in other women? Ultimately, this creates a mutual respect for each other.

I’m always intrigued to hear their fascinating stories of where it all started, and the struggles they’ve faced, and how they persevered. And I’m left feeling so inspired after my chat with May, who is just so driven and determined to make a success of anything she touches.

May your hats fly as high as your dreams – Michael Scott

I can’t wait to take a stylish Moosel Fedora on safari with me so make sure you keep an eye out for this gorgeous hat on my Instagram feed over the next month - LivingBreathlessly

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