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Morukuru Beach Lodge

Updated: Feb 18, 2022

Graciously tucked away in the De Hoop Nature Reserve, in the Overberg region, near Cape Agulhas, the southern most tip of Africa, this dream destination offers more than an escape, or a relaxing break away. When you visit Morukuru Family De Hoop you feel like you’re home, at one with nature and as if time stands still, and really none of your trivial daily stress feels relevant anymore. Perhaps it’s the beautifully scenic winding sand road that leads you to this hidden gem along the most beautiful shoreline and fynbos covered landscape. Perhaps it’s the peacefulness that captures you, but let me tell you, it’s something you only feel when you experience it for yourself.

Everything about this place is beyond 5 star! From the staffs’ warm and enthusiast spirits, that exhibit that no request is too much trouble, to the superb service and cleanliness all round. We loved how kitted out the activities room was with all the marine shoes and equipment, and sand boards you could ask for.

The boys sand boarded for hours on end and had their boards waxed by the staff many times over, with no objection or need to hurry them along. Every effort is made to ensure that each activity is enjoyable and fascinating, led by our guide Corne who is impressively knowledgeable about all things fauna and flora surrounding the resort.

The maximum impact interior of the hotel combined with the extreme natural beauty of the protected environment, which boasts the softest, whitest sand dunes, deep blue ocean and enchanting fynbos landscape, is a combination that is unmatched.

The food is a culinary journey of flavours that keeps you wondering what they’ll whip up for the next meal, and you’re never disappointed. The dining areas are so well decorated and extremely cozy, flaunting the most magnificent views, and alfresco dining for breakfast and lunch.

Your daily schedule is carefully curated factoring in weather, tides and the wind so that you experience the best that Morukuru has to offer.

Every detail is thought of with small gifts and extra special touches, and at the hint of the boys asking when they can sand board again, Corne promised to take them to the long dunes, which believe me is no easy feat for the guide (or parents), entailing long, steep walks up a dune, straight into strong winds, carrying all the equipment, but yet again, nothing is too much effort for this incredible team.

The boys said it was the best weekend of their lives and if they could time travel they would keep going back to the day they arrived so they could live here forever!

I must agree, I would be a very happy person living in this little piece of paradise too.

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