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Something to clutch to.

“If I could be brave enough to focus on those things and not give in to worrying about the outcome, what wonderful things might happen?”

Be brave enough to start the life you want and courageous enough to chase it.

It can be daunting to choose the path of passion and fulfilment, instead of following what your head is telling you to do, but remember that everything you’ve ever wanted is on the other side of fear.

Favorite Things is a new small business offering locally handmade design pieces. Their first item was launched in February 2020 – an elegant Clutch bag. Made from 22 precise pieces of either pine or supawood, the bag is lined with a vibrant fabric and has a magnet close on both ends.

The owner of Favorite Things, Lynne Loggie, shared with me, “The brand had life breathed into it, after a valuable time of reflecting on all the things which matter the most to me.” Favorite Things offers more than artfully curated products. Lynne describes the brand as a destination of choice, for individuals to explore their own personality.

Development of the product was in 3 parts. The carpentry school at The Diepsloot Foundation supported fine-tuning of the design. Lynne learnt how to use all the related woodworking tools at Made in Workshop, a make space, to produce the protypes herself.

A long-standing and generous friend has given her access to his furniture manufacturing factory, and a team of 3 now manage various elements of this precise and artful piece. Phelo is a key member of the team and he is resourceful, patient and diligent.

During the Covid lockdown, Lynne spent much of her time revisiting her business strategy, tweaking key areas and resting mentally, in rational optimistic anticipation of slow & steady success.

She bears witness to a healthy move towards supporting local business, over the past few years. She feels sure that this support has been fast-tracked during Covid. Long may it last!

What does the future hold for Favorite Things? I am definitely keen to see some new and unique and handmade designs revealed. Their plans are to expand beyond the borders of South Africa, as well as ensuring that via their consistent and deliberate efforts, they continue to provide employment and uplift lives.

Favorite Things has a second design in development which we will be seeing soon into 2021.

I cannot wait to see what it is!

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