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That's a wrap...

Key Westers are not afraid of bright colour palettes that look as though they’ve been plucked straight from a parrot’s feathers. its unique blend of subtropical beauty, non-conforming locals and Caribbean influences are directly reflected in the beautiful wrap dresses designed by Key Largo Dress Co.

A local South African brand, that is fun, colourful, flattering and classy, but above all, is oh so womanly and Va Va Voom.


Who doesn’t love an elegant and effortlessly sexy wrap dress? They’re forever stylish and universally flattering. Whether you're looking for a pretty dress for everyday wear or a show-stopping number for an event or special occasion, the selection of women's wrap dresses has various options of print designs and styles for every occasion.

Andrea, owner of Key Largo Dress Co, not only created the brand, but IS the brand. This energetic and vibrant spirit is a direct reflection of her brand and just so passionate about her designs, styles and creative little touches. She even goes as far as to spritz the garments in a coco-nutty scent to take your senses on a Caribbean adventure.

The dresses all have these super fun names like ‘Scoop, there it is’ because of its scooped neck line; ‘Dr Dre’ because everybody loves a classic wrap; The ‘LTP’ (lunch time pomp, no further explanation needed there); and the ‘Work it girl’ which is an everyday workwear style to keep you looking professional.

The fabrics are good quality, stretchy and silky to the touch, and thick enough to not be see-through, a lot of thought has gone into the design process to ensure they have thought about everything. While being the perfect leisure wear choice for that resort vacay, I wore my dresses on safari and loved how comfortable are gorgeous they are.

Key Largo Dress Co have plans on taking the brand further and adding even more prints and styles and I can’t wait to see what they’re going to wrap up next.

Key Largo Dress Co
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