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The Lure of local

The #LoveLocal movement has gained momentum over the years and it's evident that the drive to support all things “local” is here to stay. If you haven’t yet jumped on board with all the reasons to love and support local, then read on to discover why I love local.

I mean, what is there not to love about our homegrown brands?

My favourite reason why I love local is that, in comparison to large international companies with millions of customers, local brands and businesses are more likely to treat you like you're one in a million. These entrepreneurs, owners, and creators have a personal commitment to the success of their business and often provide a more friendly and personalised service.

Not only driving local innovation and servicing African consumers – they are also using native workers. This, in turn, has a positive effect on communities and our country’s economy. Which just goes to show that shopping local is truly a win/win for all South Africans.

There’s no need to leave the country to experience natural beauty and adventure. We’ve truly got the most beautiful landscapes, wilderness, scenic beaches and nature reserves which are home to abundant wildlife including the famous Big 5.

Have you been fortunate enough to experience the thrill of finding a lion in the wild, or being feet away from a massive elephant? That's when you know you've truly lived.

With so much to do and see on our shores, we could be a tourist in our own country for ages on end. My first experience in the bush was profoundly life changing and my need to seek adventure overseas has diminished more and more each time I have returned. We have more luxury bush lodges and reserves dispersed over our beautiful continent than I could ever have dreamed of or imagined, and just when I think I've heard about them all, there's another amazing gem capturing my attention.

Let's not even get started on our local culture and cuisine, a fantastic reflection of our country’s rich and diverse heritage. We truly are spoilt for choice and the flavourful cuisine that is served in our country is definitely a notch above the rest of the world.

In my upcoming blogs I will try and best feature some of our favourite locations, brands and products, and I truly hope you come along for the journey and keep learning about these dynamic companies that work so hard to continue producing the best quality and service they possibly can. Let's support small and local, you won't be sorry.

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