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The rise of sleepwear as daywear

It’s official, pyjama wearing is no longer reserved for the bedroom, or even just mornings or evenings. With so many people opting for sleepwear and loungewear around the house, along with the so called ‘netflix and chill’ era, the trend has been gaining traction for the last couple of seasons now, so does this mean it’s here to stay?

I’m by no means advocating onesies here though, but rather the silky, chic and tailored variations. It’s easy, a little sexy, not too hot and not too cold, elegant, and best of all, cosy.

For Abigail, owner of Smitten, it all began when she was planning her own wedding over 10 years ago, seeing a gap in the market when she struggled to find a beautifully crafted robe for her special day. This has been a plan in the making for quite some time, in between having a day job and general life getting in the way, adding a couple of kids into the picture, a splash of Covid and voila, the brand Smitten was finally launched.

To be a small business owner means to work longer hours than you normally would, to have sleepless nights thinking about all the creative ideas that flow through your mind, to experience a rollercoaster of highs and lows, and to second guess

E V E R Y T H I N G!

The upside of this exciting venture though could mean more flexibility in your daily life (eventually), no rules and limitations (other than the ones you set for yourself), and the power to pursue a vision and create something beautiful, something that gets you excited every single day.

Abigail admits to being just like me in this regard, having to take down notes in the middle of the night so that she can get back to sleep and not forget the ideas she’s had swirling around her head, the next morning.

SMITTEN luxury robes are all locally produced in Cape Town and whether you are spoiling yourself and jumping right into the new sleepwear for daywear trend, or buying one as a gift, they are perfect stocking fillers, they also look gorgeous added into a gift box, and are ideal for brides and bridesmaids, and they can even be individually personalised too. The quality is honestly some of the best craftmanship I’ve seen and you can tell that so much love and care has been put into each order.

There are some plans for new designs and possibly printing her own designs locally going forward, as well as ideas for new a collection of sleepwear in the future and I cannot wait to see what they come up with.

Make sure you follow me on safari where I will be living in one of these chic little numbers every second that I’m not in front of the camera, and definitely will share a few shots in front of the camera too @Livingbreathlessly

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