Time for a break

You’re only one massage away from a good mood.

Life can be so tough and stressful at times and it doesn’t hurt to give your body a little love it deserves.

We are much more susceptible to feeling stressed and overwhelmed when we are not grounded. One of the best ways to get back in sync is with massage. The highly qualified and experienced therapists at Woodlands Healing Spa in Muldersdrift are absolute gurus at making you feel looked after and de-stressed. With so many treatments and spa packages to choose from you’ll be able to select the massage technique that will be most beneficial for your wellbeing, whilst relaxing in these beautiful natural spaces, allowing you to let go of all that accumulated stress.

Massages are for sure one of my favourite ways to relax, rejuvenate and feel like a new person again, and when I get the opportunity to do so in a gorgeous spa with views of nature and the sound of birds chirping and the crocodile river flowing, even better.

My recommendation and favourite treatment is the woodlands journey package, be sure to book some time to make use of the jacuzzi and sauna facilities before your treatments to take full advantage of your time to unwind. Make sure you leave home early, you don’t want to start your experience feeling rushed and stressed. If you get there too early you can always grab a quick coffee or healthy juice. Definitely opt for some champagne in the jacuzzi if you’re celebrating a special occasion or just feel the need for some extra spoils.

After your treatments you can grab a delicious breakfast, we opted for oats and flapjacks and they were scrumptious and beautifully presented.

We always take a walk down to the river and enjoy a few moments to chat and reflect before driving home.

There’s also a gorgeous little wellness retreat where you can stay over in what they refer to as retreat rooms. A little getaway that goes beyond health and beauty and offers a state of well-being that uplifts the spirit and sparks change in your life.

Make time to take a deep breath and just enjoy your life because your calm mind is the ultimate weapon against your challenges.

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